Banita Sandhu’s dating life has been making headlines ever since she featured in a music video with AP Dhillon, titled With You. But the actor is in no mood to confirm or deny. In a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, Banita was seen evading the question.

The dating rumours started when Banita featured in the video, released in 2023, following which Banita shared some intimate pictures of them from a hotel room, which many believed was confirmation that they are indeed seeing each other. However, they have never confirmed the rumours.

In the interview with BBC Asian Network, she was questioned about the rumours, “Are you with him?”

She used the song’s title to respond to the question, saying, “I’m with you right now”. When she was asked “you must be dating”, to which she said, “I’m with you”

At that point, the host said they make a nice couple, to which Banita said, “That’s sweet. Thank you”.

Last year, in a new interview with Bollywood Hungama, amid the release of his Prime Video documentary AP Dhillon: First of a Kind, AP was asked if he and his mates are single. “We are married to the game,” the singer said with a laugh. When pressed further, AP shrugged, hinting that he was indeed single.

In the same interview, Banita also spoke about starring in the third season of Bridgerton. She also spoke about the response, saying she was happy to get heartwarming feedback from the South Asian community.

She said that she felt like she had a “million aunties and uncles around the world and cousins just cheering me on genuinely”.

Banita and AP feature in his romantic music video for new single With You. It shows them sharing intimate, adorable moments on a trip to Italy. The clips are shot on each others’ phone and show them sharing kisses, cuddling and dancing in beautiful locations.

After its release, many on social media wondered whether AP and Banita were dating in real life. The rumours grew stronger, when she attended the premiere of his documentary in Mumbai.

Banita is a Welsh actor, who worked with Varun Dhawan in Shoojit Sircar’s 2018 film October. She also acted in Vicky Kaushal-starrer Sardar Udham.

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