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Wiley’s innovative bridge learning solution WileyNXT, in association with one of the leading management institutions based in India, the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, invites applications for its Executive Program in AI for Business. Mentored by top faculty of IIM Lucknow and supported by Wiley Innovation Advisory Council, the executive learning program aims to impart technology-led business skills involving the application of AI models, products, and platforms to business managers and professionals.

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According to some credible reports, Al is expected to boost business profitability by 38% and generate $14 trillion of additional revenue by 2035. 61% of marketers admit that artificial intelligence is the most important aspect of data and business strategy. As per a pertinent survey result, 83% of early Al adopters have already achieved substantial (30%) or moderate (53%) economic benefits. All this point to the growing essence of data, analytics and AI in business decisions and strategy. The ‘Executive Program in AI for Business’ is a six-month intensive learning program with 100% live online classes. It is suitable for Data and Techno-functional Practitioners like Product and Project Managers along with Business Department Heads. The IIM-Lucknow AI for Business program encompasses a holistic curriculum involving training on AI imperatives, architecture, platforms, process methodology and developing AI models and products.

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Mr. Philip Kisray, SVP and GM International Education, Wiley said, “Forbes estimates that by 2025, companies will spend INR 91,537 crore on building or buying AI products. It is a testimony to the increasing hegemony of AI in business decisions and strategy. Today, organisations are embroiled in a war of talent due to lack of relevant skills in the existing workforce. The penetration of industry 4.0 technologies across industries calls for a skilled talent and workforce prepared enough to meet the demands of the complex business dynamics. WileyNXT’s and IIM Lucknow’s program in AI for Business has been curated specifically with the objective of nurturing the workforce of the future.` Stressing on the need for proficiency in advanced and emerging technologies, Prof. V.S. Prakash Attili, Assistant Professor, Information Technology and Systems, IIM Lucknow said, “The world of the future is going to be highly dominated by technology. It is important for professionals and learners today to acquaint themselves with applications of advanced technologies. With our ‘AI in Business’ program with WileyNXT, we will nurture professional managers with strong conceptual fundamentals and skills required to manage businesses of the future, while giving them the vision to determine what the future will be.”

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Prof. Sowmya Subramaniam, Assistant Professor, Finance and Accounting, IIM Lucknow added, “IIM Lucknow has always been known for producing bespoke leaders with sharp business acumen. As an eminent centre of excellence, we work towards generating and imparting knowledge in management and business by providing socially conscious and globally relevant thought leadership. We are happy to have collaborated with WileyNXT to continue our legacy in encouraging skilled talent and workforce, trained enough to survive and thrive in the highly-competitive environment.”

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