Thanks to IRGC forces for rescuing Iranian oil from American pirates : Oil minister

Minister of Petroleum personally has thanked the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) for rescuing an oil cargo from “American pirates.”

“I express my gratitude towards the Corps’ death-defying forces,” Javad Owji said in a message on Wednesday.

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American forces confiscated the Iranian tanker that was carrying the cargo in the strategic Sea of Oman earlier in the day, transferring its consignment of crude to another vessel.

The IRGC then staged a maritime operation against the second vessel, landing its helicopters on its deck and navigating the ship towards Iranian waters.

The Americans tried to seize the vessel that was carrying the stolen Iranian oil back, but failed following decisive intervention by the IRGC servicemen.

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A subsequent effort by American forces to block the vessel failed again and the vessel made its way to the Iranian territorial waters.

The minister said “Iran’s enemies” had resorted to the act of piracy after realizing that the Islamic Republic was determined to export its fuel, despite the United States’ sanctions targeting the country.

“By God’s grace…., such incidents will have no effect other than to strengthen the resolve of those who serve the people to overcome the enemies’ restrictions,” Owji’s message concluded.

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In another congratulatory message, the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees said the IRGC’s defensive operation had amounted to Iran’s “establishing a new engagement equation” in the region, Lebanon’s al-Ahed news website reported.

The enemies of the nation only understand the language of confrontation, the exact thing that the IRGC staged today against the US Navy, the message added.

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