News channel Times Now has stated that WFI chief Brij Bhushan Singh misbehaved with its journalist at Delhi airport today. This was hours after the Indian Express reported that the Delhi police, in its chargesheet filed last month, had found Singh liable to be “prosecuted and punished” for sexual harassment, molestation and stalking. 

A video clip showed Times Now journalist Tejshree Purandare trying to question Singh at the airport. He initially ducked the questions, saying “Mere paas apke liye kuch masala nahi hain.” (“I don’t have any spice for you.”)

When Purandare continued questioning him and asked if he would resign, Singh snapped, “Kyun de istifaKyun de istifa? (“Why should I resign?”)

He then raised his voice and said, “Istifa kis baat ki mang rahin hain aap. Chup.” (“On what basis are you asking for the resignation. Shut up.”)

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