Telugu family emotional drama ‘Hi Nanna’ starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur has released in theaters today, December 7. Directed by debutant Shouryuv, the film is a good romantic drama and the film was much awaited since the trailer launch. The film has been successful among the audiences in India and the US and is receiving overwhelmingly positive response and reviews from fans.

While the initial impressions of the trailer and teaser indicate a heart-warming father-daughter story, ‘Hai Nanna’ goes beyond expectations, exposing the hidden layers skillfully embedded by Shouryuv. The filmmaker has cleverly hidden two important elements – the identity of the young child’s mother and the circumstances of their separation – which adds to the surprise for the audience.

At its core, ‘Hi Nanna’ unfolds the emotional story of Viraj, a renowned celebrity photographer, and his daughter Mahi, who is living life in the absence of the child’s mother. Mahi’s enduring longing for her mother becomes the major emotional undercurrent of the film.

The story begins with Viraj’s unwavering care and love for his daughter due to his mother’s absence and Mahi’s serious lung condition. Shouryuv gives a glimpse of this heartfelt journey in the title card sequence, accompanied by the soul-stirring song ‘Gaaju Bomma’.

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