Taylor Swift is a woman with many talents, passions, and hobbies. She sings, dances, writes as you may have noticed. He directed a short film! He starred in Cats, a long film! She is a known lover of cats (animals).She takes the whole multi-hyphen thing to a level where one wonders if there is a limit to the number of hyphens available in the world, and whether we need to be concerned about the punctuation supply chain meeting the demand. Needed Keep thinking, because we’ll need another hyphen to appreciate Swift’s skills as the chronicler of Travis Kelce’s haircut.

Yes, Swift has proven she can make Instagram girlfriends with the best people, if the carousel shared by celebrity barber Patrick Regan on Monday is anything to go by.

“Thank you to @taylorswift for the Gameday Freshie photos for @killatrav,” she captioned the photos of herself pampering Kelce so closely that Regan is literally wearing a headlamp. Someone has to deal with that guy’s hair, and as football fans know, tackling is not among the duties of a tight end like Kelce.

And, as fans noted, the filter on the first photo looks very familiar. That soft light? This is a Swift signature.

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