New President Mohammed Muizzu, who is trying to increase Maldives’ closeness with China, has returned home after completing his five-day visit. However, in a shocking comment, he made remarks like ‘No right to threaten Maldives’ without naming any country. President Muizzoo, who returned to Maldives after meeting several top officials including Chinese President Jinping, said, ‘Maldives may be small but that does not give them license to threaten us.’

Maldivian Head of State’s clear sarcasm on India?
President Muizzu’s comments come after derogatory social media posts against Prime Minister Narendra Modi by three of his ministers. Let us tell you that after the statement of the three ministers, the diplomatic dispute between Maldives and India has increased. Even though the Maldivian government has pushed the three ministers to the margins after criticism, the bitterness between the two countries is not showing any sign of abating. Muizzu, who is considered a pro-China leader, did not name any country in his comment ‘License to threaten…’, but it is being considered as a clear sarcasm on India. He said, ‘This ocean does not belong to any specific country. The Indian Ocean also belongs to all the countries located in this region.

Muizzu, who arrived in China on his first state visit after taking charge of the 9 lakh square km huge special economic zone
in November last year, also met President Jinping, the Prime Minister and business leaders of Maldives. Muizzu, who returned to Maldives after five days, said, we have small islands in the Indian Ocean, we have a huge Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of 9 lakh square km. Maldives is one of the countries with the largest part of this ocean.

Muijju returned from China with ₹10.77 billion
He said, ‘We are not in anyone’s backyard. We are an independent and sovereign state. Muizzu said, China has given 130 million US dollars in aid to his country. The bulk of the assistance will be spent on redevelopment of roads in Male. Mayor elections were held here on Saturday. Let us tell you that before becoming the President of Maldives, Muizzoo had been the former Mayor of Male. On the relationship between the two countries, China’s Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin said, if Maldives joins the initiative of President Xi Jinping, it will get more development projects. You will get a gift.

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