Pedro Pascal was accompanied by his sister, Lux, Monday night at the 75th Primetime Emmy Awards.

The pair graced the red carpet with color-coordinated attire and matching smiles.

The “Last of Us” star has spoken before of his closeness with his younger sister, who is a trans actress and model.

Last year he talked to Esquire about how their busy schedules keep them from seeing each other as much as he would like.

“I get anxious about when I’ll be back again,” he said about being in New York City to watch her perform in the Ayad Akhtar play “The Who & the What.” “I’m just trying to see her as much as possible.”

When asked about the hardships of the trans population, Pedro Pascal didn’t want to speak for his sister, who is 17 years younger than him.

“I wouldn’t want to speak on her behalf,” he told the publication. “But she is and has always been one of the most powerful people and personalities I’ve ever known. My protective side is lethal, but I need her more than she needs me.”

Lux Pascal hosts a podcast about identity, “Love in Gravity.” And while she’s happy to engage in conversations, she told Remezcla last year that she also values her privacy.

“I want to be private about certain stuff,” she said. “I don’t want to have to answer all these questions about my identity. Sometimes I just want to chill and have a beignet.”

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