Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, is facing severe backlash after a video of him dancing while dressed as a drag queen has resurfaced online. Recently, the 56-year-old was heavily criticised for a 2021 interview where he explained his company’s diversity initiatives. After the years-old video went viral on social media, Kirby raised many eyebrows about the efficiency of workers at United Airlines and the safety of its flights.

The viral video was shared on X, formerly Twitter, via Libs of TikTok along with the message, “This is Scott Kirby, the CEO of @united. He’s a drag queen and has been incorporating drag into @united. This video should tell you everything you need to know.” Within just three hours, the video amassed 2.7 million views on the platform, sparking outrage among netizens.

Just days earlier, Kirby’s statements from his now-viral 2021 interview drew heavy criticism from netizens. In the video, he asserted that his company was committed to ensuring that 50 percent of their hires should be women or people of colour.

“One of the things we do is for every job, when we do an interview, we require women and people of color to be involved in the interview process, bringing people in early in their careers as well and giving them those opportunities, uh, and creating a stronger bench,” Kirby said in the interview, per Fox News.

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