Emily Blunt, known for her outstanding performance in Oppenheimer, recently spoke about an unseen brutal scene where she repeatedly slapped co-star Cillian Murphy.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the intense moment, although not included in the movie, left Murphy’s cheekbone visibly affected. Blunt, who plays Kitty opposite Murphy’s J. Robert Oppenheimer, apologizes for the physical toll on Murphy during the challenging scene.

Emily Blunt publicly apologized to Cillian Murphy saying, “Sorry about your cheekbone Cillian.” She continued, “Poor Cillian. Chris went, ‘Hit him’. And I was like, ‘I don’t know’. And Cillian was like, ‘Do it, do it’. Chris was like, ‘He’ll be fine . . . do it’. I slapped him then I grabbed him, by the neck really, by the collar.”

The Devil Wears Prada actress continued, “I just saw over the course of, like, ten takes that very famous cheekbone became even more prominent — and it’s not even in the movie,” per The Sun.

The tension was palpable as they filmed a crucial part of the movie about the American physicist’s role in developing nuclear weapons. Blunt’s character delivers a powerful line, adding to the complexity of the scene. The tight schedule added pressure, with the cast aware of the diminishing dayligh

Blunt’s concern for Murphy extended beyond the set, leading her to gift him a pillow for better sleep during the demanding role. However, Murphy’s enthusiastic use of the pillow resulted in an accident, with him smashing his head on a bedside table. Despite the mishap, their friendship endured, with reciprocal gifts at the end of filming.

The co-stars, who share an Oscar nomination for their roles in Oppenheimer, have a strong bond. Blunt praises Murphy as an amazing screen partner, expressing admiration for his mesmerizing performance.

Despite her A-list status and collaborations with renowned actors like Meryl Streep and Anthony Hopkins, Blunt remains starstruck by her cinematic heroes. Reflecting on her career, she acknowledges her lack of qualifications for anything other than acting, emphasizing her deep passion for the craft.

Blunt expresses gratitude for her Oscar nomination, considering it a moving and humbling acknowledgment of her work. Looking ahead, Blunt expressed, “I’ve always wanted to make a movie about one. I know they did it with The King’s Speech but maybe something in a different tone, a different world. It’s a plight I clearly understand.”

The actress added, “Maybe it would be a bit traumatic doing it but I’d quite like to play a stutterer.”

As she gears up for the Oscars, Blunt is buzzing with gratitude and moved by the recognition of her performance.

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