Miley Cyrus caused a stir at the 2024 Grammys by leaving out her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, from her thank-you speech when her song Flowers won Record of the Year. During her speech, the pop star only thanked her mom, sister, friends, and stylists, leaving her dad out of the mix. This exclusion raised eyebrows and led to speculation about the state of their relationship.

Miley’s family dynamics have been under scrutiny lately, especially considering her recent Grammy win and the drama surrounding her acceptance speech. Miley, who attended the event with her mom, Tish, and her sister Brandi, chose to acknowledge only certain family members, leaving out her dad and other siblings.

Miley Cyrus and Noah Cyrus’s rift

This isn’t the first time the Cyrus family has made headlines for their personal issues. Just a few months earlier, Miley’s younger sister, Noah Cyrus, publicly expressed feeling overlooked in the shadow of Miley’s fame. Noah’s comments shed light on underlying tensions within the family, hinting at a deeper rift between the siblings.

The family drama dates back to Miley’s childhood, with her parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, experiencing multiple ups and downs in their relationship. Their on-again, off-again marriage has been a subject of tabloid speculation for years, culminating in a divorce announcement in 2022.

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