Mandy Moore is sharing about a tough period in her life. She’s reflecting on marrying “very young” at 24. The ‘This Is Us’ star remembered marrying her ex, Ryan Adams, at 24, which she felt was a ‘very young’ age for her, and how harmful it was. 

On the February 6 episode of the Dinner’s on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson podcast, Mandy confessed, ‘I think it was rather a direct response to my own parents splitting up.’ ‘They had been together since they were 16 or something, and I was so heartbroken then. But I believed I found myself in a relationship with somebody, and I thought, ‘Oh, I can make a family with this person, for this person.’ 

The 39-year-old also said, “Now, when I look over the past, I can say it was not the right situation at all.” 

The Dr. Death star mentioned it felt like the right time to marry and concentrate on this private, calm phase of life, but it made her feel hollow, empty, and isolated.

The A Walk to Remember star started dating Adams, who was nine years older, in late 2007 and married in 2009. They were together for six years before divorcing in 2016. Their relationship greatly impacted Mandy Moore’s life for a time. She even thought about leaving her budding Hollywood career when they got engaged in 2009.

When the divorce between the Chasing Liberty actress and the Grammy nominee was finalized, Moore requested financial support for both pets and herself from her estranged husband. According to divorce documents obtained by TMZ, Adams earned $151,000 per month at the time, while Moore reportedly earned significantly less. Their divorce was finalized in June 2016.

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