Kelly Rowland chose not to address questions about her exit from the Today show but emphasized her affection for Hoda Kotb. 

During an interview with Chicago’s WGN News on Wednesday, the singer of Dilemma was asked by reporter Dean Richards if she wished to clarify her sudden departure from the NBC morning show last week. “No, I’m thrilled to be here to discuss the movie, and that’s all,” she replied, mentioning her upcoming Netflix drama, Mea Culpa.

“I adore the Today show, adore Hoda, and that’s all,” the 43-year-old remarked, then mentioned that her movie would be available on the streaming service on Friday.

Page Six exclusively reported Kelly Rowland left the Today show due to a subpar dressing room.

“Kelly and her team were unhappy with the dressing room, leading them to pull her off the show, leaving Hoda without a guest host for the 10 a.m. hour,” a source revealed about the Feb 15 episode.

Today staff were puzzled because Kelly Rowland is loved there. She had the full hour, and Hoda is known for her enthusiasm. It didn’t make sense.

Reportedly, the team of the Survivor singer inquired about another dressing room upstairs, but it was occupied by Jennifer Lopez, who was there to promote her new album, This Is Me… Now, and her accompanying film project, The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

Before she suddenly left, Kelly Rowland’s fans criticized Savannah Guthrie’s questions in her interview on the 8 a.m. hour of Today.

“What’s your take on Beyoncé?” Guthrie, 52, asked Rowland. “She’s practically your sister, having grown up together. Now, she’s exploring country music.” Rowland replied briefly: “I’m really proud of her.”

Guthrie pushed for more, asking, “Were you surprised? What are your thoughts?” Rowland simply said, “I’m really proud of her. I’m happy for her.”

Fans expressed disappointment on social media. One user wrote, “Please stop asking @KELLYROWLAND about @Beyonce’s choices. They’re friends. Kelly has her talents and projects that deserve celebration.”

Some speculated that the questions about Beyoncé were the reason Rowland left the show. “The Kelly Rowland/Today’s Show issue has nothing to do with dressing rooms and everything to do with the Today’s Show’s insistence on asking Beyoncé-related questions, which were unrelated to Kelly’s project. In that case… good for Kelly,” claimed one user.

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