Christy Carlson Romano had a way with the spotlight as a Disney child star. But that’s not what the former ‘Even Stevens’ star envisions for her kids. Romano and her husband Brendan Rooney moved out of Hollywood to raise their two daughters away from the rustle and bustle of the industry. The family relocated to Austin, Texas in 2020; Romano claims it was just the “right” decision. 

The couple, who also run the podcast company PodCo, have built a life and a community of friends in Texas. The ‘Kim Possible’ star expressed her love for California but couldn’t deny the homely vibe of the state of Texas. Moreover, the actress is trying to be wise with her decisions as a parent and Austin seems to be the place she is willing to set her roots on.

The 40-year-old actress noted that even though Texas has a “slower pace” in comparison to California, it has everything her little daughters Isabella, 7, and Sofia,5, would need. It is the perfect place for her kids to have a balanced life. “I’m really happy that we live there,” said Romano.

The Disney alum didn’t want the Hollywood influence to shape her daughters’ lives. However, their PodCo offices are planted in California and Romano often travels to the city for work. “I love that the girls can kind of be out of the Hollywood area…I love California, we have our PodCo offices there. And I also truly feel at home in Austin. I have a really strong community of friends there, and I’ve really found a way to set down roots,” she told People. 

The actress also runs her own podcast, Vulnerable, uncovering experiences as a Disney child artist but also takes her duties as a mother of two girls pretty seriously. The ‘Cadet Kelly’ star added, “I have multiple children and I work, and so I want to always make sure that they have a very balanced life.”

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