Sydney Sweeney, the talented star of Euphoria, recently made headlines by showering her mom with a heartfelt gift as a token of gratitude for supporting her acting journey.

The 26-year-old actress opened up about how she owes her success to her parents’ unwavering belief in her talent and career aspirations. From her earliest days, Sydney dreamt of being able to give back and take care of her parents, Lisa and Steven Sweeney. It’s a touching reminder of the importance of family support in chasing your dreams, and Sydney’s gesture speaks volumes about her appreciation for her roots. What a heartwarming story of love and gratitude.

“I recently paid off my mom’s mortgage,” the Immaculate producer and star said in an interview WhoWhatWear, adding how taking care of her parents “was a really big thing for [her] to be able to do.”

Sydney Sweeney didn’t hold back when she shared how her family serves as her rock in the whirlwind of Hollywood. Amidst the chaos of long shoots and constant press cycles, her family provides her with grounding and moments of calm.

The Emmy nominee emphasized the importance of incorporating her loved ones into her life, whether it’s staying in touch with her cousins regularly or making the trip back home to Spokane, Washington, whenever possible.

She shared, “I try to incorporate them into my life as much as possible, whether it’s talking with my cousins every other day or going home.” The Emmy nominee said that if she has the chance, she’ll head back home to Spokane, Wash., to spend time with her family.

Sweeney added, “It was hard because L.A. is very different from Spokane. The cost of a big city versus a small city is vastly different and challenging as well.” 

Sydney Sweeney’s family dynamic takes an interesting turn as her parents, Lisa and Steven, continue to reside outside of California, albeit separately. Lisa has chosen to remain in Spokane, while Steven has settled down on a remote ranch in Mexico. 

As Sydney’s fame skyrocketed, she recognized the sacrifices her parents made to support her dreams, even as they faced personal challenges, including divorce. In an interview with Variety in August 2023, Sydney shared the weight of responsibility she felt to validate their sacrifices.

She said, “My parents sacrificed so much to support my dream, and they lost so much during it. I just felt a responsibility to show them that it was worth it.”

ydney Sweeney opened up about the complex emotions she grapples with regarding her parents’ divorce and the sacrifices they made to support her acting career. As the eldest child, she carries a sense of responsibility, wondering if their sacrifices played a role in their separation. In her own words, she admitted, “I’ll never know.”

Despite this uncertainty, Sydney embraces the weight of responsibility, acknowledging that it’s part of her journey as the eldest sibling, especially in relation to her younger brother, Trent.

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