As Easter approaches, families everywhere are gearing up for togetherness and celebration. Among them is Denise Richards, known for roles in movies like Love Actually, and her three daughters, Eloise, Lola, and Sami. In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE, Denise shares her excitement about continuing their family traditions. Notably, Richards also touched upon the possibility of her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, joining the celebrations, showcasing the amicable relationship they share.

Richards expressed her excitement for Easter, emphasizing the joy of gathering her family together for the occasion. With a gleam in her eye, she mentioned, “We love to cook and we have family together.” Despite her older daughters growing up, she eagerly anticipates their annual Easter egg hunts, a tradition that brings delight to her daughters, even as they grow older. “My older girls are a little older but it’s fun for them to see their little sister still enjoy the Easter bunny and an Eater egg hunt,” she added.

Addressing the question of whether Charlie Sheen, her former husband, and father of two of her daughters, will be part of their Easter celebration, Richards said, “He’s always welcome” at their gatherings. She shares that they play it by ear each year, but their doors are open to him. Richards emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, stating, “The more the merrier at our house.”

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