Hollywood actress Megan Fox offered her advice to single women to focus on themselves instead of pining after boys. We think she speaks from her experience after she and Machine Hun Kelly recently called off their engagement. 

Megan Fox wants all single women to become independent this summer. She has offered them advice on how they should spend this vacation, and it might be relatable to all the single girlies after all! 

Actress Megan Fox spoke to E! News host Erin Lim Rhodes at the 2024 Revolve Festival on April 13, Saturday. She also shared a video of this excerpt from the interview on her Instagram.


The ‘Rogue’ actress was asked to advise all single women. To this, she said, “Just learn a skill or develop a hobby and do not waste your energy on boys”, Fox exclusively told E! News.” She continued, “All they’re going to do is drain you. Just move on. Invest in yourself.” Looks after her relationship drama, she does not want other women to go through the same, and has advised the ladies they are better off without the ‘boys’. 

Meanwhile, Megan Fox recently made headlines after she revealed that she broke her engagement with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. After announcing their engagement on social media in January 2022, the couple raised eyebrows with a blood-drinking ritual they followed to profess their love for one another. 

However, there are speculations that even though Megan Fox and the rapper have called off their engagement, they have not broken up. In March, Megan appeared as a guest on the Call Her Daddy Podcast where she revealed these details about her relationship but refused to confirm her current relationship status. The ‘Jonah Hex’ actress added, “What I can say is, that is what I refer to as being my ‘twin soul,’ and there will always be a tether to him no matter what.”

Speaking of their relationship, they started dating each other in 2020 and got engaged two years later. According to Harper’s Bazaar who was informed by a source that the engaged couple has been in an on-and-off relationship since December 2023.

Megan Fox gave a shoutout during E! News interview

According to E! News, Fox had famously referred to Machine Gun Kelly as her “twin flame” in 2020. She gave the rapper a shoutout in her interview with E! News while naming acts who would be her top three ideal headliners at the Coachella festival.

“Well, obviously, I have to say Machine Gun Kelly,” the actress said, adding, “I’m not in the modern era, so I would say, Guns N’ Roses or, you know who I would love to see, is Weezer. Weezer’s so fire.”

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