Jennifer Lopez makes a personal trip all by herself to See Netflix’s brave Los Angeles Billboard advertising for her upcoming film Atlas. This billboard had a provocative message, ‘DO NOT F**K WITH JLO’, which attracted the attention of many people, including Lopez herself.

A special visit to the billboard
On Instagram, Friday May 24, a clip by Lopez showed how she was inquisitive and thrilled. It started with her inside a car where she is sharing her excitement. She stated, “So a bunch of people were messaging me yesterday telling me about this billboard that Netflix put up for Atlas,”So I want to go see it for myself.”

The video then panned to Jennifer peeking out of the car window as she exclaimed, “okay, here it is!” The camera cut to the imposing billboard with the bold message. In addition, there was an elated montage of Jennifer under the billboard emphasizing her fun-loving nature. 

Near this sign advertising robots in the film was another one on which she posed and commented about a smoking robotic suit saying “Oh look, it’s smoking. It just crashed.”

Promoting Atlas

Lopez took this opportunity to urge her fans to watch Atlas, which premiered on Netflix that day. With a smile on her face, she told them: “You guys got to watch the movie. Just came out today.” At the end of the video, she directed some attention back at its caption: ‘And just a little friendly reminder from over there,’ showing the billboard once again.

Earlier on Netflix had shared an image of X having written Don’t f**k with JLO alongside it as captioned ‘Any questions?’ On her Instagram stories too, Lopez shared this post displaying again how excited she is about all that pertains to his new film.

By returning back home in Los Angeles after a Mexico trip promoting the film Lopez faced more than just promotion issues for his movie; things changed along other lines too. 

During an Atlas panel, someone asked her about the rumors of getting married to Ben Affleck. “You know better than that,” she responded to the inquiry, brushing it off. However, her co-star Simu Liu intervened immediately saying “Okay we’re not doing that…” Thank you so much guys, we really appreciate it. Thank you.”

Exploring the role of Atlas Shepherd

In Atlas, Lopez portrays Atlas Shepherd who is a data analyst fighting against an out-of-control robot. The character’s connection with AI and mysterious past is also complicated. 

In an interview with PEOPLE, Lopez discusses the character sharing what similarities they have and how different she is from her role as Shepard in real life.“We are so different because she’s like … doesn’t wear any of her emotions.” Nonetheless, there were certain aspects of Shepherd that resonated with Lopez who noted that “But at the same time we are both very strong and sure of what they feel.”

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