Seulgi from Red Velvet has recently launched her own YouTube channel. In her inaugural video, she engaged in drawing while addressing questions from fans, delving into a range of topics that have piqued their curiosity over the years. 

Seulgi’s ideal type 

Among these was the discussion of her ideal type, to which Seulgi candidly responded that she tends to gravitate towards male characters from shows or films that capture her interest at any given time. She said, “If there’s a character I like in dramas or movies, I’m into that person. So my ideal type keeps changing.” She names three actors who she likes and are her ideal types. 

Three actors left a lasting impression on Seulgi: Jo Jung Suk from Hospital Playlist, Ji Sung from Dr. John, and Son Suk Ku from My Liberation Notes. These actors portrayed characters known for their perseverance in their respective roles. Seulgi confessed, “I used to be a fan of Jo Jung Suk and Ji Sung…I also liked Son Suk Ku.” Seulgi admires individuals with a growth mindset and those who value hard work, traits she observed in the actors she mentioned. She expressed, “Seeing them, I think I like someone who does his best with what’s given. Someone who is good with their work, works hard, and who I can learn from.” 

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Additionally, Seulgi’s ideal partner in terms of appearance shares her monolid eyes, and she prefers charisma over conventional attractiveness. She emphasized, “Rather than someone who looks so fancy and handsome, I like people who have their own charms.” A warm smile is also essential for Seulgi, as she revealed, “[I also like someone] with a nice smile.”

Kang Seul Gi, known professionally as Seulgi, is a multifaceted South Korean artist celebrated for her talents as a singer and dancer. She rose to prominence as a prominent member of the renowned South Korean girl group Red Velvet. Seulgi’s journey in the entertainment industry commenced when she embarked on training under the teenage of SM Entertainment back in 2007. Her dedication and talent quickly caught the attention of industry insiders. 

On August 1, 2014, marked a significant milestone in Seulgi’s career as she officially debuted as a member of Red Velvet, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in the K-pop landscape. Since then, she has captivated audiences with her dynamic performances, distinctive vocal prowess, and charismatic stage presence. In 2020, Seulgi embarked on a new chapter of her musical journey by debuting in a sub-unit of Red Velvet alongside fellow member Irene.

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