Tomorrow X Together’s Yeonjun and BTS’ Jungkook are considered as the aces of their groups as they excel in everything from dance to vocals and rap. Yeonjun recently performed his senior Jungkook’s track 3D. The idol disclosed his experience while preparing for the piece and performing it on stage. The junior group has expressed their love and respect for BTS several times. Here is what Yeonjun had to say. 

Tomorrow X Together’s Yeonjun performed to BTS member Jungkook’s track 3D at 2023 Gayo Daejeon. The idol displayed his immense talent as he pulled off the performance to perfection. His cover of 3D garnered immense love and attention from the fans as they appreciated his performance skills.

In a recent video released by BIGHIT MUSIC, Yeonjun disclosed his experience as he prepared for the task. He revealed that every time he prepares for a cover performance he keeps in mind that the fans compare him with the original artist and hence he tries to become that artist. As for covering Jungkook, Yeonjun commented that studying him wasn’t easy as he has a relaxed aura which comes with experience. He furthered and added, “Years of experience he has isn’t something that I can copy’.

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