BLACKPINK’s Jisoo sparks CEO speculation with her stylist’s cryptic “BLISSOO” post. Amidst members not renewing solo contracts with YG Entertainment, netizens ponder her next move. Jennie and Lisa’s company ventures add to the anticipation of BLACKPINK’s future.

Jisoo’s stylist drops new hint at BLISSOO

Following the news of the BLACKPINK members not renewing their solo contracts with YG Entertainment, fans have been curious about their next career moves as Jennie and Lisa surprised everyone by announcing their own companies, ODD ATELIER and LLOUD, respectively.

On February 9, Jisoo’s stylist shared stunning photos of the idol from a Cartier event in Paris. While the images captivated fans, it was the caption that caught their attention. The stylist referred to Jisoo as ‘Princess Cartier’ and included the phrase “블리수” (BLISOO), which many interpreted as a potential name for Jisoo’s future company.

Netizens quickly picked up on the hint, sparking discussions about the possibility of Jisoo joining Jennie and Lisa as a CEO. The prospect of BLISOO becoming a reality excited fans, who couldn’t help but speculate on what Jisoo’s venture might entail.

Earlier in January reports surfaced suggesting Jisoo is set to manage her solo activities under her older brother’s company, BIOMOM’s subsidiary BLISSOO. The recruitment notice for the same, hinted at Jisoo’s involvement, fostering anticipation for her family-managed solo journey.

While it’s uncertain whether BLISOO will indeed materialize, fans believe that the stylist’s choice of words is too significant to be dismissed as mere coincidence. As anticipation grows, BLINKs eagerly await further developments in Jisoo’s career journey.

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