Ariana Grande recently spoke about her new album Eternal Sunshine and her role in the movie Wicked on the Zach Sang Show.

Ariana Grande appeared on Zach Sang Show on Monday, where the singer mentioned working with producer Max Martin again and how some of her songs got leaked on TikTok without her permission, but she decided to include reworked versions of them on her new record.

Grande humorously thanked the perpetrators, jokingly remarking, “Thank you so much. I’ll see you in jail. Literally.” She continued, “It was like a parody of this girl group vibe. But [the fans] love it… It’s so corny, but it’s okay. I took the note and I kind of gave them Ariana’s version of that on the album, they’re completely different now. So although you’ve heard them — because you stole them — they’re very different now.”

Grande shared that her album has songs about real frustrations and some are part of a concept. She also talked about dealing with stories written about her relationships in the tabloids.

Even though she didn’t plan to make music until after promoting Wicked, she found herself writing songs in New York during a tough time, finding solace in music. The singer revealed, “When I was writing it was with no intention for the world to hear it, I wrote them when I was very emotional, some of them, and then some of them are more bops.”

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