ITZY’s Yuna is known for her fashion choices and her spellbinding figure which she naturally flaunts with her wardrobe. Yuna is the main dancer, lead rapper, and maknae of the K-pop girl group ITZY. She is also the vocalist and visuals of the group. The group is currently in Paris to attend the Courrèges show on February 28.

ITZY’s Yuna is a K-pop idol who goes viral for not only her vocals and dance but for her beautiful streamlined figure which looks unreal. Yuna’s figure have never failed to make fans go mad over her and it so happens that it happened again. Yuna of ITZY visited Paris for the Courrèges FW24 show along with her group members, Yeji, Ryujin, and Chaeryeong on February 26.

Before the fashion show, the ITZY members had plenty of time to have fun and spend some quality time in the love capital of the world. The members were spotted enjoying themselves in Paris. They shopped and even interacted with some fans. The pictures of all ITZY members were loved by fans. One such photo of Yuna went viral as it perfectly showcased the K-pop idol’s unreal hourglass figure.

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