Han So Hee, a popular Korean actress, is reportedly facing the termination of her commercial contracts due to her dating scandal with Ryu Jun Yeol, the actor from Replay 1988. Their relationship has caused quite a commotion among both the Korean entertainment industry and netizens.

On March 20, a representative from Han So Hee’s management company, 9ATO Entertainment, issued a formal statement refuting the claims. They said, “The suspicion that Han So Hee’s advertising contracts were terminated due to the actress’s recent private life issues is not true at all”.

Following the unfolding of the controversy, several brands that previously featured Han So Hee as their advertising model opted not to renew their contracts with her. This decision led many netizens to speculate that it was due to her recent romantic scandal. However, an official from Han So Hee’s agency clarified to OSEN, stating that the decision not to extend the advertising contracts was mutually agreed upon by the advertisers and Han So Hee earlier this year. They emphasized that there was a misunderstanding among netizens regarding the situation.

Han So Hee recently confirmed her relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol. Amidst this revelation, rumors circulated regarding Ryu Jun Yeol’s alleged transition from his previous relationship with Hyeri to Han So Hee. Notably, Hyeri unfollowed Ryu Jun Yeol on social media and posted “That’s interesting” on her Instagram Story, leading to speculation that Ryu Jun Yeol might have started dating Han So Hee before ending his relationship with Hyeri in November of the previous year. However, Han So Hee addressed these rumors in a lengthy blog post, denying any such claims.

However, despite efforts to resolve the situation, public scrutiny of Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol persisted. In response, Han So Hee decided to close her blog and make her social media accounts private. Ultimately, Hyeri addressed the circumstances surrounding her breakup with Ryu Jun Yeol and apologized for her Instagram story, which had stirred up speculation. 

Meanwhile, Han So Hee is set to appear in Netflix’s original series Gyeongseong Creature Season 2, where she will engage with viewers once again.

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