Kate Beckinsale honored her late father, Richard Beckinsale, on the 45th anniversary of his passing. Richard, a beloved figure in British television and film, died from a heart attack in 1979 when Kate was just five years old. Recently, she also mourned the loss of her stepfather, Roy Battersby, and shared a heartfelt tribute to him on Instagram.

Renowned British actress and producer Kate Beckinsale released a carousel of pictures that included her dad, Judy Loe, herself, and a younger version of herself in remembrance of the 45th anniversary of her father Richard Beckinsale’s passing on Tuesday.

The day you died comes round so suddenly even when I’m expecting it,” Kate, 50, began her post. “This is my first year without any father figure at all for a long long time. How I miss you.”

Kate Beckinsale followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting. Her late father, Richard, was already a well-known TV and movie star in the UK before he passed away. He made his first appearance on television in 1969, starring in the beloved British soap opera Coronation Street. He later went on to act in the BBC series Porridge and Rising Damp.

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