Amid his military service, BTS’ V, unveils an electrifying performance film for his latest digital single FRI(END)S, showcasing his multifaceted talent and dedication to his craft. Earlier on March 15, V had dropped the official music video of the song. 

Despite serving in the South Korean military, BTS’ V continues to captivate fans with his artistic endeavors. Recently, he unveiled a stunning FRI(END)S performance film, showcasing his unparalleled talent. In the video, V exudes regal elegance in a formal black-and-white ensemble, mesmerizing viewers with his visual and vocal prowess. This warm-toned visual spectacle highlights his versatility and charm, reaffirming his status as a global icon. 

V’s surprise release of the digital single FRI(END)S on March 15 further delighted fans, with its accompanying music video featuring British actress Ruby Sear. Through these creative ventures, V continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide, proving that his talent knows no bounds even during his military service.

BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, received widespread praise and admiration for his bold celebration of diversity and inclusion in his music video for the pop single FRI(END)S. Departing from traditional K-Pop settings, V’s decision to film in the United Kingdom offered a refreshing perspective rarely seen in the genre.

The music video eloquently depicted themes of loneliness amidst a world brimming with romance, with V’s character navigating through this emotional landscape. What truly set FRI(END)S apart was its heartfelt portrayal of diverse relationships, spanning various ages, genders, and ethnicities, including LGBTQIA+ couples. This inclusivity resonated deeply with fans and critics alike, who praised V for his commitment to representing love in all its forms.

In a landscape where LGBTQIA+ representation still faces challenges, V’s allyship and willingness to showcase diverse narratives were commendable. Through his music and artistry, V sent a powerful message of acceptance and love, earning him accolades from fans and critics who applauded his efforts to make a positive impact on society.

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