Millie Bobby Brown, renowned for the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, recently talked about her experiences as a cast member. Brown discussed her opinions on the forthcoming final season and her least favorite scenes to shoot.

Brown talked with Vanity Fair about her time on the Stranger Things set, especially during Season 1, as part of the marketing for her new film Damsel. She mentioned that the most challenging parts of filming were the particular scenes of The Void. Regarding the set as “the most depressing place ever,” Brown talked about the challenges of working alone, managing strong emotions, and enduring physical pain. “The Void. The most depressing place ever. I’m always alone, and I’m always emotional and scared. I’m in the water; my feet are pruny and hungry. It’s my least favorite set ever.”

The Void, which debuted in season 1 of Stranger Things, is presented in a straightforward but powerful way. The Void has inches-deep water on the floor, and unending darkness everywhere is basically Eleven’s imagination. She can only enter the Void through the use of an improvised sensory deprivation chamber, which enables her to use her telekinetic abilities to enter a special mental state.

Eleven can perceive other people, monsters, and locations because of the Void, essentially a spatiotemporal vacuum. Eleven has used the Void to check in on other members of the Stranger Things cast and use it in the battle against the Upside Down. For instance, she famously uses the Void to spy on Billy, played by Dacre Montgomery, in season 3 and discovers him carrying out the Mind Flayer’s orders.

Brown’s character utilizes the Void to reach Vecna’s Mind Lair during the season four finale of Stranger Things, ultimately leading to Vecna’s defeat. It’s unclear how the Void will be featured in the fifth and final season of the show, which is officially its last, but chances are good that fans haven’t seen the last of the place yet. But it doesn’t appear Brown is having much fun filming sequences in the Void.

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