Actress Kate Hudson is now venturing into music and her fans are all excited about it. During her TV performance debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she sang her song Gonna Find Out which will feature on her upcoming album Glorious. 

The actress did look glorious while singing on stage in an all-white outfit. She also later talked about her album which is coming out on May 17. Alongside that, Hudson said that she wants to go on tour after the album is released.

On the May 2nd episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kate Hudson made her TV performance debut. The Glass Onion actress sang the song Gonna Find Out from her upcoming debut album Glorious. After that, she sat down to talk with the host of the show, Jimmy Fallon. She told the host how the album had been two and a half years in the making and how it was one of the greatest feelings to finally be able to release it.

She explained that she has loved music her whole life and has been writing music for as long as she can remember. “I just thought it was something I’d only have for myself until, like, COVID. And then I was like ‘I’ll regret not just putting it out in the world.’ So I did,” the actress said. 

Hudson also talked about how she co-wrote the songs on her upcoming album with her fiance Danny Fujikawa and Linda Perry. The album will blend different genres such as soul, rock, country, Americana, and pop. Hudson said that the collaborative writing experience was new and fun for her. “We just had like a weird, awkward first date, and sat around in a circle,” she explained jokingly.

Kate also announced that right after the release of her album on May 17, she will be going back on tour. “Yeah, I am. I’m getting back on the bus,” she said and added that she has some gigs lined up and she is very excited about performing. However, the only date that has been announced on the official website of Kate Hudson is on May 18 when she is set to perform at The Bellwether in LA. 

While talking about finally starting on her musical journey, Hudson said, “It’s so new and I’m loving it… I’m just so happy when I’m doing it, so I’m just staying there, just staying present with music.” 

Before her Jimmy Fallon show appearance, Hudson also went to the CBS Sunday Morning show on April 28. There, the actress talked about how a lot of people told her that she was too old to make music years ago.

“There was someone who said to me, and it kind of jarred me a little, it was in my early 30s and they basically said, ‘It’s done. Past. You’re too old. And for me, it wasn’t just about being a performer, it was about wanting to write music,” she said. But thankfully, Kate Hudson decided to go forward with her dreams of making music anyway.

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