Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union talked about her love for the Met Gala event, which will take place this week. She also spoke about how nerve-wracking it is when she makes an appearance at the event.

Furthermore, she has a passionate love for fashion and recently got candid about it. She has been married to Dwyane Wade for a decade, and the couple has one child together.

Actress and activist Gabrielle Union (51) recently had an open conversation with People while promoting her new partnership with Knix. She shared her love for the Met Gala and how she always works with her designers to try out something unique every year.

“I love that part,” she said, speaking about walking the red carpet. “I think it’s nerve-wracking for a lot of people, but when you really vibe with a designer and you really love leaning into their creativity and their interpretation of the theme, and you are a conduit of somebody else’s artistic freedom and expression that also matches your own, it’s an awesome experience.”

Union said she loves to take her time on the carpet to absorb all the creative and glamorous energy she can.

The actress mentioned that a lot of people want to rush through the red carpet, but not her. She stated, “They literally are like, ‘All right, Gab, move it up the stairs.’ Because I love it. I absolutely love it.”

Gabrielle also spoke about how tense it becomes when she makes it to the fashion event, despite her love for walking the red carpet. The Bring It On star said that once she gets inside, being met with a room full of Hollywood stars across all industries can be intimidating. “It can be a little nerve-wracking if you don’t know everyone at your table or something like that,” she said.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle Union is known for her films and TV shows: Breaking In, The Perfect Find, The Inspection, Truth Be Told, and many other prolific works.

Gabrielle Union’s love for fashion

Gabrielle Union loves fashion so much that she archives many of her haute couture looks for later in life. She recently spoke about it to the same media outlet.


“So I have a storage that’s just full of things that I’m like, oh, I want to be able to tell this story or how I felt wearing this,” the mother and stepmother of four kids said. “So it started with me putting my first Met Gala outfit in this beautiful display case.”

Union said she stores away some of her clothing pieces for her 5-year-old daughter Kaavia James, whom she shares with her husband Dwyane Wade (42), a former basketball player and now a game show host of The Cube. The actress saves these pieces so that Kaavia can try out the looks for herself when she’s old enough.

“I was also in the museum and then I realized maybe I don’t have to display it in my home, but I can put it in a temperature-controlled space that preserves the material and the memories. So even if [Kaavia] never wants to wear any of it, she will have this little bit of her mom and the stories that go with it,” the actress and entrepreneur explained.

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